A secure and private network

Exchange messages and data with the network of persons you trust. No one else besides your network can write to you.
No spam, no snooping sysadmins (yep, that would be us)…
Seeld is anonymous and private by design!

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No e-mail, no mobile phone number…
Just choose a pseudonym and off you go!

Why should I even care…

Full privacy by design

Everything exchanged using Seeld, including who you exchange it with, is fully encrypted by your device. That’s end-to-end encryption squared. We can’t see what you’re talking about and with whom, so your privacy and anonymity are absolutely respected!

No data mining, no leaks

No e-mail or phone number is required to create your account. And we’re technically unable to decrypt your stuff. Your password is not even sent over the web when you login… So, no data or password leaks are possible!


You can literally take any random laptop or tablet, connect to Seeld, have all your messages and files at you fingertips to work, then disconnect and leave no trace. No sync is needed!

No spam!

Your contacts need to be approved before can even write their first message with you. This means: no unsolicited advertising, no spam and no fishing attempts. Yay!

Come on…
Yet another messaging system?

No, not really. You see, our objectives are fundamentally different to most other messaging systems out there. We don’t really want to get lots of money and an IPO. We’d rather build a system we can fully trust. To achieve that we ditched the typical business model used by the majority of services: we decided not to data mine our own users. Crazy, eh? But the good part is: since we do not need to access anything of what you do, we can push security and encryption to the max in order to truly seal your communication channels!
We’re essentially pushing for a different way of “doing business” on the web: one that does not require that you trust your service provider…

We Connect You Securely and Anonymously with the Persons You Trust

That’s our mission. And to achieve that we bring your security and privacy before anything else. You’re not the product, you’re not an excuse for us to data mine the heck out of you. You are a person and you have the right to privacy!


True Testimonials

(Nah, not really. Who are we kiddin’, seriously)

I often travel to countries whose respect of privacy is nowhere near of that of my home country. I’ve got enough of those airport agents asking me to provide all my accounts and passwords. So I decided to really take this privacy thing seriously and switched to Seeld. Now those agents can stop-and-frisk me all they want: they won’t find out about those platonic love messages I exchanged with Chuck Norris

James Braddock

Colonel, Cannon

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

My passwords are all around the web, or so I’ve heard. I get bills for buying tons of stuff online that I’m pretty sure I didn’t order. Damn data thieves! So I’ve decided to switch to Seeld so that no one can access my data, whether it’s passwords or private conversations with my partner. From now on, everything I write is encryptrhQEOA1e+1x6YuUMCEAP/YtHc3GfZ6z3lkPNzT+Jn5MH5sU2JqKNjyuFaFNDkl6kJxcGlKpHt1J5Bxv8A28zCQ8//tCbfTZ/wELzqPIGbTuvonbkZfHXIrzPhf9MJC7b

Jane Doe

None Of, Your Business

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So I wanted a big, fat, beautiful wall you see. Like, huge. Beautiful, to keep us safe and… well, there was this Ukraine thing and now I don’t know, like, when is that going to happen? I think… you know, they’re lying to me. Damn Rudy he blew this thing off. Anyway, they tell me to use this thing, Sweet or something, for when I want to talk with covfefe

Ronald Grump

Job?, Dunno... A big white house?

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But Seriously, Let’s Get Started

Join The Movement,
Reclaim Your Privacy!
Don’t Let Anyone
Get Access To Your Data!

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