We are extremely happy to announce that we have just released Seeld’s first public beta! Huzzah! 

Okay, okay, let’s all calm down a bit. Before we go on allow me to offer you a word of warning. Indeed, this is a beta version that does contain a tenth of what we have planned for Seeld. 
However it already contains the core mechanisms to provide a private and secure experience. In other words, you can reliably start using Seeld to exchange messages in a way that fully respects your privacy.

Seeld’s first public beta… what’s up?

And so what does this version offer as an appetizer? 

To begin with you should register and make sure you book your unique pseudo (your username). While you do that, make sure to write down your passphrase, preferably in a password manager. Truly, if you lose that passphrase, you lose your account! 

Then you shall connect with someone you trust: a friend, a family member… To that end, head to the “contacts” page, click on the “add person” button and add type in that person’s pseudo. You must know the exact pseudonym in order to find your contact. This explicitly prevents ill-advised persons from sending out thousands of contact requests to random victims. When all parties have accepted to connect, they will appear in the “contacts” page. 

Following that, you can just start exchanging messages. For that purpose, you can just click on the bubble at the right of your contact entry, then type whatever you want to type! As soon as you post that first message, a conversation appears in the conversations page. You then simply click on that conversation to display the list of its messages. 

Please note that, for the moment being, Seeld only works on a browser. It has been successfully tested on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Iridium. We have not tested it on other browsers so far, so… proceed with caution, as they say!

What’s planned next?

Don’t get too used to the user interface, because we will soon give it a good layer of fresh paint.

Also, we will pretty soon enable an essential feature for any well-respected messaging system: group conversations! 


[Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels]

Alice starts by registering.

Once done, she heads to the Contacts page.

Then she types the pseudonym of Bobby and taps “Search”.

And she clicks on the + button to send a connection request.

Bobby will receive that request.

After he accepts it, he can start a conversation with Alice.

He types his message to Alice… you can tell he’s a developer…

Alice receives Bobby’s message!

And so she replies. She’s a bit of a geek too