We are happy to announce a new Seeld 0.5.0: group conversations!
Yes, we keep on moving forward… step by step, day by day. Ahem!

Seeld 0.5: group conversations

So what’s up with this release? Well, the most important bit would be the addition of… group conversations. Finally!
As for the rest, feel free to browse through these release notes:

  • As stated above, we added group discussions. Just use the green people icon to select any contact you want to add to the conversation.
  • We have adapted the messages’ display accordingly, so that one can easily understand who wrote to whom in a group.
  • We also fixed a few refresh issues that would force you to reload a conversation in some rare cases.
  • Finally, we fixed a couple of minor things at the back end level.

Group conversations

So how do group conversations work? I’d say, in a slightly different way than what we are used to…

Imagine Alice, Bobby and Charlie.

Now, Alice starts a group conversation with Bobby and Charlie, to whom she is connected. Consequently, both her recipients will receive the message. So far so good, right?

But what happens if Bobby does not know Charlie? Then Bobby cannot send a reply to Charlie, because he does not have any public key to encrypt the message to him. So when Bobby writes a reply, he will only be able to send it to Alice.

We think this feature is quite interesting because, even though Bobby wants to receive messages from Alice, he might not want to receive messages from Charlie! Then again, persons in a group conversations will already know each other most of the times. In a future release, we might propose group participants to connect with the other members.

Dynamic conversations

Another interesting feature of Seeld’s group conversations is: at any time you can add or remove recipients.

For example, say that Alice wants to send a message only to Charlie, but as part of the ongoing conversation. She can then remove Bobby from the message’s recipients and keep on chatting with Charlie. Once she’s done keeping secrets from Bobby, she can add Bobby back to the conversation. Cool!

For the next major release, we will finally give Seeld a decent UI template. So be patient and bear with us!