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Seeld 2.22.0 has been released

No changes were brought on the web application side, but the Android mobile app has been improved:

  • Improved the stability of the pull system which is leveraged when Seeld is closed. Previously, the scheduled pull would silently crash in some circumstances, which would stop Seeld from checking for new messages until it was opened again.
    This is now fixed. 

  • The Android SDK target has finally been upgraded to 33 (Android 13). However the minimum requirement now, for Seeld to run, is Android 8.0 (API 26).

  • Added the permission request to display notifications for Seeld. This was mandatory for Android 13 (API 33) 

  • Some minor improvements on the logs. Remember, Seeld logs are not shared with us or anyone, unless you copy the logs from Seeld’s own menu and paste them onto an email!

Hopefully, this new release should make Seeld a little more friendly. Until the next release, that is 😉

You can download the new version here !