About Seeld

So, what’s the deal here?

Seeld is an private and secure messaging system. Concretely, the system is designed around anonymization techniques coupled with time-proven encryption algorithms.
That’s because we aim at offering an application whose messages and contacts’ data can’t be read by anybody but you and your recipients.
In fact even we, admins, are not able to snoop on your stuff !

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We adopt a different business model so we don’t need to sell your data

Many “free” services on the web offer tons of value for nothing. But then how are they able to pay for servers, offices, programmers or CEO’s bonuses? The answer is: “by selling your data”. Indeed, if something takes time, energy and investment AND you obtain it for free, then it simply means that the money is made elsewhere.

Do you know what Big Data is? That’s how service providers are able to make money while keeping their applications “free”. It means that their business model depends on your private data. 

What if your data leaks?

As long as they use all that information to enabled targeted advertising, no harm is done. Agreed, you may find it annoying… but you get a sweet deal in exchange.
However problems arise when someone else obtains an access to that immense trove of personal data. A malevolent third-party can use that input, for example, to guess the answers to your password reset questions and gain access to your emails, your e-bank account, etc. Others would be able to work on that data and deduce what makes you “tick”. With that knowledge, they would use social networks and show you whatever is needed to efficiently influence your opinions. An health insurance company could use a leaked message from your doctor to decide if they will insure you, and at what cost.

A different path

But what if the service provider decides to avoid a business model based on your data? Then it doesn’t need to harvest any personal information anymore. Consequently, it can protect that information in ways that prevent anyone, itself included, from snooping on you.

Seeld implements that philosophy. We have worked hard to make sure that no information whatsoever can come out of our servers. As an example, Seeld does not store anything that would allow anyone from decrypting your messages or obtain information on who you chat with. Also, we don’t store your e-mail or your phone number. Truth is, we don’t even want to know who you are.


Because we believe that it’s your data, that you have the right to have a private conversation on the web, and that this is the essence of true freedom.


Our Values

We strongly believe in these three values :

Your data

Since the selling of your data implies many privacy risks, we decided we don’t want to have access to it.
Seeld is built in such a way that whatever data it handles remains anonymous and encrypted. By design, we do not possess any information that would allow us to decrypt it.
This means that your data remains your property.

Your rights

We believe your privacy is a fundamental human right. We think this is incompatible with data-based business models. Therefore we gave up on those to preserve your right to absolute confidentiality. 

Your freedom

We believe your can only be free if you can exchange information with someone else and not be afraid of the consequences.
You are also free to delete your account and all your data whenever you want. We have no interest in keeping that information on our servers, since we cannot read it!

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels