Yeah it’s a blog alright. Is that still a thing?
Frankly, we’d rather post here than on Mark’s data-harvesting machine.

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Seeld’s first public beta!

Seeld’s first public beta!

One two, one two… is this mic on? Alright, we’re very happy to announce the release Seeld’s first public beta. It’s a beta, but it’s accessible!

Let’s get this started!

Let’s get this started!

Let's get this blog started alright! So this post won't provide a lot of insight about Seeld itself. Instead this post serves as a starting point for this site's blog... and for you! If you want to know how to keep up with news about Seeld, then keep on reading....

Knowledge Base

What's privacy by design?

Seeld has been conceived from the ground up so that your data is protected and private by default. Truly, the concept constitutes the soul of the application. Discover what it means for you! 

No data mining, no leaks

If a service provider mines your data for advertising, then someone malicious will leak it at some point. However at Seeld we decided not to mine any data at all. And so your data is encrypted and protected from leaks.


Seeld really wants to remain portable. Since your encrypted messages are stored on our servers, you can use any device you want, even a borrowed one, to login and exchange messages. And your data still will remain protected!  

Leave Spam Behind

In Seeld, whoever wants to write to you first needs to request your permission. Consequently, Seeld does not serve you undesirable content: if you receive a message, you must 






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