Seeld doesn’t tie your data to one device

Keep encrypted data portable

As secure as a system can be, one weakness remains: you. If somebody forces you to give up your password, then no encryption is strong enough. But Seeld can help you deal with this kind of situations. 

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A secure system can keep your data safe from prying eyes… as long as no one knows your password. But what happens if somebody intimidates you, then forces you to unlock your device and disclose your credentials?

Separate your data from your devices

For instance, your mobile phone may be carrying sensitive knowledge. For one thing it might contain confidential data related to your work. Or it might simply carry details of your private life which you don’t necessarily want to share. To put it in another way: it’s no one’s business but yours.

Carrying this data with you in certain specific circumstances constitutes a risk, because you could be coerced into giving access to itSo to thwart this privacy invasion, one could quite simply make sure to delete anything confidential from his devices. 

For this very reason Seeld stores your encrypted data on its servers. Thus it enables you to fully wipe out your devices from anything deemed private. You can then later reconnect and access all your messages again, even on a completely different device if necessary!  

Break the link between you and your accounts

One problem remains, thought. If somebody knows your e-mail or phone number, then he can probably find out which messaging system you use. He then could force you to login with your credentials, thereupon gaining access to your data.

Fortunately, Seeld does not store any information that would link you directly or indirectly to the account you register with us. We do not ask for neither your e-mail nor your mobile phone number.

It’s already happening

All of this may sound very paranoid. Unfortunately though these events already occur every day, even in countries considered as democracies. Therefore we believe our digital applications, especially the ones handling confidential knowledge, should attempt to defeat these invasive measures.

In that sense, Seeld offers you to keep your encrypted data portable, so that these situations can be circumvented.






Photo by Golnar sabzpoush rashidi from Pexels