In Seeld You Authorize People To Connect

Leave Spam Behind

Instead of assuming that the whole world is your friend, Seeld lets you decide who you want to talk with. By default, everyone you don’t accept into your circle is persona non grata. No more unsolicited messages from unknown persons.

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By letting you decide who you want to connect with, Seeld enables you to leave spam behind. It therefore offers you a messaging application which guarantees that the messages you receive come from persons you know and trust.

Unsolicited messages and fishing attempts

Spam and fishing attempts are the main issue with any “open” communication system. For instance, anyone who knows your e-mail address can write to you for any reason, whether good or bad. Similarly, anybody who knows your mobile number is able to message you.

Besides the inconvenience, these messages can put you at risk of falling victim to scammers or fraudsters.

In order to prevent that, Seeld requires other persons to obtain your approval before they can start to exchange messages with you. 

Leave spam behind

This approach effectively allows you to thwart any spamming or fishing attempt. Indeed, Seeld does not publicly publishes your pseudonym. In practice that means that no third-party can reach you unless it knows your pseudonym. So as long as you only share your pseudo with the persons you trust, your serenity should be preserved. 






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