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The Seeld App

If you use a mobile device, you will love our Seeld App !

It works exactly like the browser version. Your messages are directly available: no need to sync!

Currently the Seeld App is only available on Android. We don’t expect making an iOS version anytime soon… But maybe one day if we get funded 😉

At this time, you must download the Seeld App from this website. But don’t worry: we’ll soon make it available in selected stores.

Download Seeld App

Installing Seeld from it's APK

You may trust App stores to install Apps. But stores might not be as safe as you think. So how do you really verify that an APK can be trusted?

First, make sure you trust the App publisher. That’s us. So really, if you don’t trust us, don’t use Seeld, not even the browser version 😉

Then make sure the APK file is indeed the official one. To do that, you can use a hash checker: just compare the hashes generated for the downloaded file against the unique, official ones. The table further down below provides the official hashes for each release. We recommend Hash Droid (available on F-Droid or Google Play) to generate and compare hashes on your Android device.

To sum it up:

  1. Firstly, download the APK file from your Android device.
  2. Secondly, using your file manager, locate the file in the “Downloads” section.
  3. Following that, use Hash Droid to generate a hash for the file and compare it with the official hashes in the table below.
  4. Finally, tap on the file to install it. And that’s it!

smartphone mobile - 2

Download Latest APK

In short: just use the button below to download the latest Seeld App version

2.22.0April 10, 2023 MD5: 60de9c235cac4b4cf82312a8f7b2b294
SHA-1: efc5183fc7db33b647ecb09af0370b428e656773
SHA-256: d992a9b7fdffd1dd7c08f9ea3f6dc93c09e9fae4bd08093eb8481a801f23f01b
2.21.0October 28, 2022 MD5: 65a1ef42faeb80ebbb91543d4b053bf1
SHA-1: cc2ca327b3df1038f365cd35007d6ee0027eb124
SHA-256: 18e46731c4aa8e6bda93adcf7cfb8c285facaf77a384c0b1174b50af95773b24